In Movement is a multinational team from many different backgrounds. Currently, the majority of our creative facilitators (teachers) are Ugandan artists. This is one of the keys to the success of this programme, because these facilitators are able to provide arts instruction as well as serve as role models for the students.

In Movement also supports ongoing professional development of the facilitators to ensure our programme’s standard of excellence.

Allen Tush Naturinda - Country Director

Tush holds a Masters Degree in Applied Drama from Witwatersrand University in South Africa, and a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from Makerere University. She is experienced as facilitator for theatre for development, process drama and communication skills for performers. She is a Certified Trainer for Lions Quest Program through Lions International.

She has participated in several outreach programs in different parts of Uganda, including in internally displaced peoples (IDP) camps, and she has gained experience as a creative facilitator for training teachers in arts education programs for behavioral change and classroom management. She is certified in the Creative Community Model of Facilitation after participating in the Art of Facilitation training from Partners for Youth Empowerment. Allen is very passionate about working with children and less privileged members of society.

Davis Sebulime - Dance Facilitator

Davis earned a certificate in IT and Leadership from the Kibo Foundation in Kampala. He is also a member of Breakdance Project Uganda, where he uses breakdance and hip-hop to bring about positive social change in children and youth.

He has participated in United States Agency for International Development (USAID) sponsored workshops throughout war affected districts in northern Uganda, using breakdance as a conflict resolution and peace building tool.

Michael Oscar - Facilities and Purchasing Coordinator, Drama Facilitator

Oscar holds a diploma in music, dance and drama from Makerere University. He has done several stage performances with Uganda's leading drama group

The Ebonies, and has also performed with Moi University in Kenya. He currently features in a teenage education radio drama, Rock Point 256, focusing on HIV/AIDS prevention. Oscar trains and adjudicates for local school drama performances, and is also a visual artist and videographer.

Teddy Nantume - Counselor

Teddy is one of the top classically trained sopranos in Uganda. She is passionate about African traditional music - playing drums and stringed instruments.

She also teaches voice and plays and teaches guitar. Teddy has an ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) diploma in performance from the Kampala Music School, and a degree in mass communication from Makerere University. Teddy also has a certificate in child, marriage and HIV counseling from Makerere.

Ife Piankhi - Creative Writing Facilitator

Ife has been an educator and trainer for 20 years. Her experience has seen her facilitating youth at festivals (Tribe of Doris, Ancestral Gathering) in schools and youth clubs pan London with organizations such as Learning through the Arts, Toynbee Hall and Insight Arts to name but a few.

Ife is passionate about leadership, the environment and health. She is a graduate of the Interaction Leadership Program (British Council) and Eco Villages Training (Findhorn Foundation Scotland).

Herman Bagonza - Music Facilitator

Herman has been a music and dance trainer in schools throughout Uganda. He is the artistic director for a traditional performing troupe Rhythm Africa that has done shows in different countries.

He has also worked with the radio program Rock Point that focuses on AIDS prevention in the society, as an actor and a translator from English to the Ugandan local languages. Bagonza is a member of the Christ the King Choir and has traveled to the United States to perform in competitions with the choir.

Mary Frances Ibanda - Creative Writing Facilitator

Mary Frances is a teacher by training and a writer by nature. She studied literature and English language as her subjects of specialty,

earning a diploma in education from The Institute of Teacher Education Kyambogo in 1996, and a Bachelor of Education Degree from Makerere University, Kampala in 2003. Mary’s interest and ability as a writer were honed in school and then shaped in the employment sector while serving as a sub-editor at Recent Magazine in Kampala, and as a secondary school teacher.

Grace Flavia Ibanda - Dance Facilitator

Grace is a teacher assistant in the dance section at Makerere University's Department of Music, Dance and Drama.

She is a founder member of Okulamba Dance Company, a Uganda-based contemporary dance company. She is also trained as a dance movement therapist and has worked extensively in the rehabilitation field mostly with children and adults with special needs.
She works as a choreographer, dancer, and trainer, using traditional African dances and modern dance.

Patrick Sebagala - Circus Arts Facilitator

Patrick is In Movement’s youngest facilitator. Having lived on the streets at one point in his life, Patrick connected to several different organizations and individuals who taught him skills in acrobatics, gymnastics, juggling and capoeira.

Patrick is now committed to sharing his skills with other youth like himself so that they may have more meaningful and prosperous lives.

Mark Owori - Circus Arts Facilitator

Mark is the founder of the Voice of Hope Foundation,created in 2003 to take children and youth off the streets and teach them skills in many different art forms.

He enjoys working with disadvantaged children living on the streets, in remand homes and rehabilitation centers,teaching them circus arts, batik drawing, wood carving, and capoeira. Mark holds certificates in art and sculpture, wood carving, and social work from the COWA Vocational Institute in Kampala.


Kalungi Israel - Music Facilitator

Kalungi Israel (Music Facilitator) is very passionate about playing many Ugandan traditional instruments, including drums, the bow harp and the tube fiddle.

He also has strong skills with some of the western instruments, including the piano and guitar.  As a youth, he was a dancer with the Ndere Troupe, Ugandan’s premier traditional performing group.  He has a diploma in music composition from Makerere University, with additional emphasis on dance and drama.

Juliet Nakitende Kisekka - Cleaner

Julie Nakitende Kisekka (Cleaner) is one of the longest serving members of the In Movement team, and loves working with children. 

In addition to her cleaning job, she offers extensive support to the facilitators in their work with the children. She also worked for Wacky Wood Children’s Play Centre as a child minder and cleaner for five years.

Rachelle Sloss - Advisor

Rachelle came to In Movement while traveling through Africa in 2013. Here, she found an incredible opportunity to make lasting social impact at In Movement and with the dance community in Kampala. She is an experienced dance facilitator, youth worker, and project developer. Prior to her travels, Rachelle earned a Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology at Whitman College (WA, USA).