Inmovement Changed Me

dance and dramma

I have something I can drive safely throughout my lifetime .... discussion about our hopes and dreams and teachers may guide us.

... if I get a problem, I first found the cause of the problem, reasons why the problem has occurred, would be positive or negative. I develop alternative solution to that problem. I select the best alternative to the problem and form that am able to first make a decision before I do something.

I am able to do any task that should be done by my self without waiting for my elders to order me to do it. Like, if it is reading my books, sweeping the compound, mopping the house, cooking, I do it by my self, being a good example to my neighbours.

After being confident I learnt many things like contemporary dancing and I gained fitness and playing games like captain’s orders, badu badu.

... now I can talk to a crowd of people, chat with them, laugh without panicking and getting fever. When the shyness is gone and I got the self confidence, I can now go to the stage alone and perform to the people.

There are many things that I did not know like being aggressive in some situations like when a boy is conning me and being submissive when some one is good to me. . . . it means being final to your word like if you are saying no to a man you have to mean it, self awareness, knowing what is going around.

my creativity was so poor

... my creativity was so poor, but now my creativity is so high I can see something in a gadet you may see as a useless material and get money out of it - to teach me how to change things in the environment like polythene bags, plastic rubber, clay, metallic glass, wood to form out goods of more value.

I finally know that in order to get the best from our environment, we must have to look after it so that you and me can survive the severe pain brought by misuse of our environment i.e. cutting down of trees, with out replacement, leads to desertification.

... has been positive to my life I am going to use it to change my society through music.