Before Joining In Movement

in movement art for social change

My life was really stuck, though I knew how to draw and paint my Art piece, I saw it as just apart time activity. Yet to other people it meant something great, i. e. you can sell these art pieces and earn a living.

I was actually not confident enough about myself. I always knew that my views had no important and therefore there is reason as to why I should give them in.

I was really in my own world, I mean things were really difficult for me. Everything I tried out was meaningless to me as I did not love it. Actually I did not believe in my self and I was not able to know that there are things that can be done to improve on my life.

I was not a kind of person who could drive my own life and when it came to group work especially when we had to contribute by raising answers. I could only go on with what others have contributed to no matter whether they were irrelevant or relevant to the work we were to do.

Got something that can drive me safely throughout my life time… discussion about our hopes and dreams and the teachers could guide us.

in movement kid

I was not confident of what I did especially when it came to talking in a crowds of people and could not socialize with my friends to carry out any given activity at school and generally I lacked life skills.